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Get To Know About The Three Trimesters In Pregnancy


                                    Pregnancy issues

Pregnancy is a considered as the most important phase in a woman’s life. It not only involves physical changes, but it also includes emotional transformation. Although it is more than the concept of three trimesters as it is always said, basically it involves preparation for the transformation of woman into mother. The woman needs to take care of many things in these trimesters. These essential things are as follows. The First Trimester:

  • The first trimester of pregnancy week by week, covered from week 1 to week 14. Usually, the first 2 weeks of the first trimester denote the period from your last menses until conception, or until that time when the sperm fertilizes the egg.
  • By the end of week 3, the fertilized egg evolves into an embryo. During week 4, you begin to feel the early pregnancy symptom of nausea. The Week 5 marks the beginning of formation of all major organs of the baby’s body. This is usually considered as the week when the embryo’s metamorphosis into a baby begins.
  • In the next week I.e. week 6, your baby’s heart beats for the first time. Your baby doubles in size during week 7 and by week 9, the baby’s sex can be determined, and your embryo becomes a small baby by week 10.
  • The week 14 shows another sign i.e. enlarging and darkening of the area around your nipples.

The Second Trimester

  • The second trimester starts from week 15 to week 26. It is said that in the beginning of this trimester i.e. week 15, the baby begins movement of the head, lips, and feet. Due to the upward movement of uterus, the symptom of frequent urination would subside by week 16.
  • It is said that the baby begins to blink, suck, and swallow by week 17. Due to myelinization of nerves, nerve cell transmission registers a significant increase, making the body reflexes quicker. During week 20, the baby begins to sleep and wake on a regular basis. As mentioned earlier, the woman goes through physical as well emotional transformations during this phase.


                         Pregnancy issues

  • The baby’s heartbeat becomes clear by week 24, so that it can be heard by placing an ear on stomach. Before the second trimester ends, brain wave activity starts for the ears and eyes.

The Third Trimester:

  • The third trimester as per pregnancy week by week starts with week 27 and ends with the birth of baby.
  • Most of the babies are born around this period. By this week, look out for any signs of labor. In any case, your baby is born by the end of week 40. However, this period may also extend by two more weeks in some cases.

Hence, every pregnant woman undergoes these three trimesters or phases while expecting a baby. Always make sure to consult the physician at regular intervals, to know about the condition of the baby.

Features of Construction Loans Offered By FirstBank

Construction loan rates

     Mortgage loans and construction loan rates

FirstBank guides you in finding financing solutions for building a new house or an office structure depending on your budget. FirstBank offers construction loans that could be financed up to 80 percent of the costs or 70 percent of the value. The loan amount is given in allotments.

When 20 percent of the construction work is completed, the borrower can make a draw. It insists on the borrower to make an inspection and title update before requesting for each draw. The construction loan rates of interest are specifically charged on the amount dispersed every month.

How FirstBank construction loan rates work?

During each draw, 10 percent of the initial loan amount is retained for the conversion fees. It could also be possible for you to convert the construction loan to permanent mortgage loan provided you complete the construction. Upon conversion, the bank insists furnishing documents like final inspection, final title update, copy of certificate of occupancy, last year’s property tax bill, updated as built survey, and homeowner’s insurance policy with the premium’s invoice.

Construction loan rates are paid on the amount allotted and the loan amount is offered as a line of credit facility to make the monthly repayments simpler for the borrower.

You could get the Consumer lot loans for buying a land for building your dream home. FirstBank comes with a plethora of alternatives to buy your favorite property and make your dreams come true! Residential construction loans provide finance for speculation or presold 1 to 4 family residential homes. The construction loan rates for residential purposes are priced economically. The borrowers can directly deal with the local relationship officer for getting information on the general proceedings.

FirstBank’s single close construction loans permit you to finance your primary and secondary residences with a single loan. This could help you save from two loan closings, duplication of loan fees and related charges.

Finding financing solutions

         How construction loan rates are charged

Apart from home loans, FirstBank also finances business construction needs. With rising costs in this field, it may not always be possible for you to finance your construction needs all by yourself. FirstBank’s commercial construction loans provide finance from income producing office structures, shopping malls, store houses, showrooms and apartments.

You can also get fixed initial rate mortgages from FirstBank. The fixed rate loan can be availed for five, seven and fifteen years. Once you furnish the necessary documents, the bank will issue the loan based in the order of request after verifying its authenticity.

Training Kids To Create Realistic Budgets

Money management for kids

                        Money management for kids

How kids view money as adults is indeed important. Money management for kids provides them a framework to proceed right in life with finance. They would start thinking about the money, job and future, which motivates them. Another advantage of money management training is that it improves a kid’s math skills greatly. It would make mathematics simpler by filling in elements of fun.

Money for appreciation

You could pay your kids as an appreciation; let it be for a simple reason. Don’t exceed the limits, but give them little amount of money for winning a game or topping in a class test. You could even make it a practice for homework and assignments as well. Now, your aim should be to train them spend the money judiciously or save it. Buy them a piggy bank or a coin box to generate savings habit. They should be taught about charity and fun along with money saving lessons. They should not develop the idea that money is everything in life.

Fictional budget set

Let the kids in junior or high school create a more realistic budget. This would be difficult in the initial stages, but gets better eventually. You need to help them find suitable jobs and careers that match their passion. The kids should be aware of the jobs available, salaries and educational aspects. They should be able to plan the finance going into school and college education as well. You have to make the kids aware of the grants and scholarships open. This is to teach them how to manage money and advance in life. Money management for kids is indeed important to build a generation ready to face the hardships in life.

Expenses to meet

At a later stage, kids should be able to choose a place of stay and take care of the rent, mortgage or other payments required. They should be taught to calculate all expenses including the following.

Fictional budget

                 Money management for kids at home

  • Transportation
  • Food
  • Accommodation
  • Electricity and water bills
  • Basic commodities

Tell them even about the insurance plans they might need to consider while purchasing a new car. This would make them fit to succeed in this highly competitive world.

Money management for kids is indeed a great step in creating a safe platform for their lives. Parents as well as teachers could help them a lot with this. Hope you found the article worth and practical.

To Reduce The Interest Paid On Defaulted Student Loan

capitalized interest student loan

 more about capitalized interest student loan

Taking a student loan is quite essential to complete our college education successfully. Since money is a major constraint in fulfilling our aspirations, taking a student loan can be considered as a real relief. This will help to meet all the expenses that you will encounter during the academic year. Since college fees are high, the student loans will help the students to complete their education without any difficulty.

After the completion of your studies, student loans would have to be repaid along with the interest amount. However, the matter would be quite different in case of a capitalized interest student loan. When you miss the repayment on a student loan, the interest paid would not be written off for that period and the interest that you have paid will be deducted. It will affect your payments later even if you do not make any defaults later.

Capitalized interest

If you fail to pay the interest amount, and if the interest is added to the amount that needs to be repaid, we can say that the interest is capitalized. In the case of a capitalized interest student loan, you cannot get the deduction for the interest amount. If you have taken a student loan, and have missed a few repayments, that interest will be added to the total payable amount and this will not be treated as a deductible student loan interest.

How to get eligibility for deduction of interest on student loan 

interest is capitalized

           Deduct capitalized interest student loan

Even if you pay your student loan without missing any repayments or if you default on the payments after completing a year, and if you want to deduct the interest amount, you will have to fulfill other requirements. The main requirement is that the amount that was given as student loan should have been used only for educational purposes and should not be used for any other purposes. The adjusted gross income should not exceed $75000 in case of singles and $150000 for joint applicants. It is found that the interest deduction is minimized to $2500 and it will be the same even when you have paid more interest on your student loan.

If you are found to meet these qualifications, you can apply for deduction on the capitalized interest student loan and you need not show it in your itemized deductions.

These are the different things that you need to take care, while applying for deduction on a student loan.

Financial Management For A Secured Marital Relationship

Money management tips

         Money management for the newlyweds

Wondering how your wild and careless life suddenly transformed into the routine of calculated evaluations? Marriage often creates perplexity and horror when people are haunted by the anxiety of leading a secure family life. Couples get confused over the various measures of financial management, which should help them to enjoy a delightful and secured family life.

Money management frequently arises as the major reason for unhealthy conflicts between married couples. The lack of proper financial management leads to disputes over personal needs and choices. By adopting efficient financial speculations, you can definitely resolve a major share of problems that kindles in your marriage. Certain essential money management tips are explained in the latter part of the article.

Save your money

Saving your money is the best strategy to secure your marriage life. Start a savings account to set aside adequate resources for future requirements. Family life can put you in situations of urgent monetary needs without any prior warnings. The preparedness can leave you unharmed from its implications. Even though the relation between money and marital happiness is considered to be morally shallow, marriage makes you realize that life is often different from such concepts.

Budget plans

Budget your finances in order to prioritize your monetary requirements. The overall idea on your expenses and the income that you acquire will help you to dispose your money competently. Open interactions with your partner concerning the household requirements and family security will allow you to build harmony in your marital life. Make sure that you attain your partner’s consent on your proposed budget plans so that you can execute them with agreement and cooperation.

Special considerations

Secured family life

                  Tips on family finance management

Allocate money for your daily household expenses and personal needs. Avoid dead set principles on money management that can strip away even the primary joys of personal satisfaction. Ease off your financial plans to include the basic luxury and leisure of family life. Acknowledge the personal needs of your spouse and implement restrictions on superfluous expenses in order to grant them the luxury of your attention and consideration.

Be persistent in following the money management tips that you encounter, which promise you a smooth marital life. Money management can help you to avoid adverse martial stances in your marital discords. The sincere consideration of your partner’s opinions can help you in planning balanced financial strategies.

Never let financial insecurity hinder your dreams of a harmonious married life. Cherish your beloved one with all the happiness and luxury you can offer.

How To Teach Wise Money Management To Kids

money management for kids

              Wise money management for kids

If you’ve had to shoulder the finances in your household at a tender age, then you’ll probably have wished that you’d been prepared for it. If you weren’t, but still got through tough times, then nest best thing is to at least teach your kid how to manage his money. Besides, that is what a parent should do anyway. Money management for kids is a slippery concept, so they’ll need all the help they can get.

Start when they’re still young

Give you kid opportunities to imbibe wise money management, by letting him count the coins. At a young age make them handle small amounts money, and keep increasing this steadily as they grow up so that they’re able to fit their expenses into what you give them.

Let him earn his pocket money

You can give your kid pocket money, but also make sure that he earns some of it through work. Let him mow the neighbor’s lawn or walk their dog. Money management for kids works better this way.

Get him to save some of his pocket money                                                                                           

This isn’t done by just getting him to use a piggy bank, but by actually opening a savings bank account for him. Get him to save up for meeting short term goals like going a football match on the weekend, or   a long term goal like getting a car when he reaches his teens. It’s also a good idea to get a family savings plan. Save as a family, and spend as one.

Make sure he knows the difference between stuff and happiness

Your perspective on a quality life has to be defined clearly. Make sure your kid knows how much more important it is to be happy and content, than to just have money. Get them to talk to you about what they think is important.

wise money management

                  Savings traits in kids developed

Master the art of not spending: Being good with money entails that you know when to spend and what to spend on. Some spend very unscrupulously on all they see. Others spend wisely. The art of spending is defining something you need to master, and it’s definitely not akin to being just plain stingy. It’s a way of making sure that you don’t fall prey to impulse buying tendencies.

When you teach your child how to earn, spend, and save money, the qualities get rooted in him, and he learns the art of spending money which then helps him to carry out wise money management.

Working Capital Loans – Benefits And Drawbacks

Working capital loan

           Benefits of working capital

A company or enterprise or a business firm will have to meet different types of expenditures in their daily operation. For instance, a grocery shop owner has to keep stock of all highly demanded products in his store so that he can ensure that the customers who come to his shop would not have to rush to other shops. For this, he should always have some money in his hand so that he can buy and keep the stock full. Thus, the money required to spend at the time of emergency can be sorted out with the help of a working capital loan.

The demand for working capital varies from company to company. For instance, a grocery shop owner does not require a huge amount of working capital as he receives instant revenue from daily transactions in his shop. On the other hand, a manufacturer should have a big amount of cash in his hand, as there is less possibility for him for instant revenue. Until he receives the revenue from the sale of products, he has to continue with the manufacturing. This would definitely incur him huge expenditure.

Calculating Working Capital requirement

The ideal way for calculating the working capital is given below.

Current assets – Current liabilities = Working Capital.

From this, it is clear that working capital is an important factor for the health of a company. The more working capital a company owns, the more efficient it is. However, acquiring a working capital loan has both benefits and drawbacks. Look at the below listing of the merits and demerits of working capital credits.


  • Working capital credits ensure that the business is lively always. It insulates the company from the risks of standstills, insolvency proceedings and bankruptcy.
  • When a company owns high-level working capital, it is in a stronger position to bargain with other financial institutions for extra finances.
  • The goodwill of a business enterprise invariably depends on its working capital.
  • Working capital prevents unexpected standstill of the company due to unexpected loss.
Highly demanded products

                Applying for working capital loans

  • Most working capital credits are for short-term period. This means they have less usefulness.
  • Financial institutions that provide working capital loan to business firms are very strict with the repayment terms. Any failure in adhering to the repayment schedule would mean a black mark in the credit rating.

Despite a few demerits with working capital, most business firms depend on it for their daily operation. Obviously, serious planning is required before applying for a working capital loan.

Select Suitable Money Management Tools

Useful personal money management

Useful personal money management

Even if you are earning money, you might find it difficult to meet different needs at times. You might wonder how quickly your wallet turns empty. You might not be the only one who would ask this question. There are several people who face similar problems. If you wish to utilize your money effectively, you can think about an effective money management tool. Using money management tools, personal money management can be done effectively. But you should carefully select the tool, because it is this tool that would in part decide your financial outcome at the end of the month.

Things to remember

Before choosing any money management tool, you need to ensure that it’s simple to follow and employ. If you are choosing a difficult tool, you would have to spend more time understanding it, and things might not end up the way you want them to. One of the most common personal money management tools is a pen and paper. On a piece of paper, you can jot down your monthly bills, from which your monthly income can be deducted. This is just one method, and if you wish for other techniques, the wide world of the internet will offer you a variety of templates that can ease this task.

Effective personal money management

Effective personal money management

There are several financial advisers who undertake the task of providing financial assistance to people. As per their advice, it would be better to adopt a cash-based envelope system for managing money. Using a debit card for each and every purchase would lead to heavy bills at the end of the month. If you give priority to studying your spending pattern, you can definitely utilize the envelopes and check your expenses on items like food, clothing, family entertainment, heath care expenses, and other expenses which could be dispensed with.

If you wish for proper money management, it would be better to choose a personal finance software, which will help you to take care of your hard earned money in a suitable way. These software programs will keep a track of your spending pattern, and record your financial goals. There are programs that give you alerts at crossing the limit, and hence they guide you through the most appropriate and safe spending zones.

If you minimize your most extravagant expenses, you can always find some money to save. Now get ready to download the best money management tool, so that you can lead a risk free life.

5 Best Mac Tools To Help You Get Your Finances In Order


              Money Management Software

To be on the safe side, people try to save as much of their earnings as they can. You can utilize a whole range of software for not just saving money but also to help you spend it wisely and to keep your finances organized. However, it can prove difficult when it comes to picking the best software that matches your requirements. Go through the information given below about different money management software and you will be able to make a wise choice.

  • iFinance

What gives iFinance an edge over other similar kinds of software is its three-dimensional graphs, diagrams and charts that let a person view and analyze their finances. You have the option to break down your spending into categories, which include insurance, rent, and groceries. If you are making use of personal finance software at present, it will prove quite easy to change to iFinance. For this software, you need to pay just $29.99.

  • Moneydance

Use Moneydance and you will be able to pay your bills online. Moreover, you will be in a position to manage your financial accounts, get help with budgeting, be familiarized about investments and so on and so forth.

  • iBank

Using the iBank app, you will be able to monitor your banking and credit card accounts. Using this software, you will be able to apply the envelope budgeting method. Use this and you will be able to create different budgeting categories. Provided with it is a useful camera integration feature. Using this, it will be possible for you to take a picture of a receipt and attach it to a financial record. Provided with iBank is a free 30-day trial. To buy this software, you have to pay $59.99.

  • You Need a Budget

               Personal Finance Management

“You Need A Budget” is an apt tool for Mac users. Of course, even Windows users can make use of this tool. Four simple rules have to be applied like putting your money to good use, saving for the future, being flexible and giving yourself a cushion. A 3-4 day free trial is promised. To buy this software, you need to pay $60.

  • Koku

Use Koku and there will be no need for you to log in to all the banking and credit card account websites. This is because it stores all requisite information in one place. It will be possible for you to create “tags” for assigning to each of the transactions. It can be used for a brief trial period. To purchase this, you need to pay just $29.99.

That was information about some money management software that will surely prove helpful to you. Make a good choice and you are sure to have a lot of savings.

Planning Your Monthly Expenditure Using Software

Money management software

                 Money management software

Did you know it is a sign of maturity to have control on your monthly spending? Teenagers often stay far away from such a safe zone, according to research reports. Effective money management software could tell you exactly where you are in financial control management. This would help you have a positively oriented life with better financial status. You would be notified on how much you spend unnecessarily and what makes you spend too much. This would also let you know the balance amount of money you have left as well.

Categorized spending helps

This would be a concept introduced by the money management software and acts as a tool in controlling your expenditure. You would think twice before spending on an unnecessary service or product next time. The insight on how much money you spend in specific areas in your daily life, gives you a quick glance on the unorganized financial habits you possess. It is possible to have further categories in this software, so that you could have a detailed map of your spending.

How to manage your budget?

You would be able to find out the areas on which you are over-spending after reviewing the budget.  This would help you find out, where you could save some money by initiating a saving plan. There are automated budget plans available in the software, by taking into account of your earnings. You get to edit the amount displayed and plan accordingly to comply with your additional requirements or interests. You could always stay on the right track as there is an earning vs. spending display made available to you. This clearly tells you the money that comes and goes in your account; you get a graphical representation of this, if desired.

Regular checking of software

Money management programs

                Money management software reliability

Using the money management software on a regular basis is crucial to find out your spending graphs. You would get chance to appreciate yourself, if you find yourself to stay within a fixed budget. This opens up a warning to change the spending mode, if the graphs get a negative slope for the day or week. You are sure to save more money by using this software.

Now you know the significance of employing money management programs in your life. This could be done manually, but it is better to use a computer technique to gather results that are more reliable. This reduces chances of errors in calculation and also the speed of action.