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Initial Pregnancy Symptoms

Symptoms of pregnancy

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Pregnancy is one of the most magical and overwhelming experiences in the life of a woman. There are very few things that can be compared with that experience. Some women recognize the presence of another being about to grow inside them as early as the first week after ovulation. Though, it is in the pretty early stages of pregnancy, many women can identify some of the specific symptoms of pregnancy. But, not all women respond to pregnancy the same way, because no two women are identical in every respect. But, there are some common symptoms of pregnancy manifested in women. Here are some of them in brief:

Missing period:

This is probably the most common signs of pregnancy. Most women identify a missing period as the first real sign of pregnancy. Now, there are many other possible reasons why women miss their period. It is best to take a pregnancy test to confirm your assumption.

Morning sickness:

Morning sickness in pregnant women refers to nausea and vomiting experienced as early signs of pregnancy. Actually speaking, morning sickness is a misnomer. These symptoms are not only seen in the morning. You can feel nauseated and feel like vomiting, throughout the day. The main reason it is referred to as morning sickness is because the degree of these symptoms is more during the morning. It can manifest in extreme or mild forms. Women experiencing these symptoms tend to drink a lot of water regularly due to dehydration.

General feeling of weakness or fatigue:

first trimester of pregnancy

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There is a general sense of exhaustion or fatigue experienced as one of the most common signs of pregnancy in women, after the first week of ovulation. Fatigue increases and is generally more pronounced during the first trimester of pregnancy. This is mainly because the women’s bodies produce extra blood, which is utilized to provide oxygen and nutrients required for the developing fetus.

Soft/tender breasts:

This again is one of the early symptoms of pregnancy that can be experienced and visibly seen the first week after ovulation. The breasts tend to become swollen and tender. Apart from swelling, the breasts also become sensitive to touch because of the increased blood flow and expansion of the breast tissue to incorporate the milk ducts that are being newly formed.

Money Management For Financial Market Trading

Money Management Executive

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It is always probable for a beginner to commit mistakes, and even more so in money markets. Never start live trading at the first chance; rather open a practice account first, and pretend you’re trading with real money. Do not take on big risks with trades just to make huge profits, or you might sustain losses. Prove to yourself that you are good at trading, and then try becoming a successful trader. Trading on a practice account should be done for at least 3 months and then you can switch to live trading.

It is essential, and good, to review your trades and calculate the losses or profits on them. Find time to review the outcomes and possibly think of new ideas and strategies. This could help you to devise better moves in the trading market. Always make improvements to your trades, and spend a little time and effort if that will count in the future.

For traders and investors there are many strategies or money management systems to draw among. Just never test one for your practice account, and then another for your live trading. That way lies chaos. Get a subscription to Money Management Executive and learn safe methods to use with your practice account. Watch and learn from the outcomes. Even with all this, one trade could drastically change your fortunes, so be careful.

Make small investments in the beginning. At least $50000 should be invested. Try to work out a strategy while considering an account that is 10 times the size you’re now using. You will understand any trade better with the magnitude of the volumes projected.

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To cite an example, take a short selling strategy at $40 for a stock. You could keep your position open until you can take a risk and decide it to be $43. The risk for every single stock comes to $43 minus $40 = $3. When your purchase is for 100 shares, your risk could be $300. Take the account value and calculate the risk. A beginner should limit his risk to 2%, which in this case is $50000x.02=$1000.00. You can sustain this risk. The purchase number of shares limiting your risk to $1000 or less, would be 333. Always round down.

If you’re only just starting out, make sure you stay safe, and for the best strategies refer to Money Management Executive and other similar magazines.

Initial Symptoms Of Pregnancy

Signs Of Pregnancy

                First Signs Of Pregnancy

Pregnancy period is probably the most magical moment in a woman’s life. No words can adequately describe the joy a mother gets when she sees her newborn baby. However, the difficulties and hardships that women have to go through during the nine months of pregnancy are huge which only a woman who has given birth to a child can understand.

Recognizing the first signs of pregnancy is always crucial. It may not be as easy as it seems though. If some women are in tune with their bodies, it helps them realize they are pregnant within days of conception, but others may not feel a thing until weeks. So let us discuss some of the earliest signs of pregnancy that you can easily notice.

Missing a period

This is the most common thing to realize that you are pregnant. For a woman who rarely misses her menstrual periods, a missed period is probably the primary indication that she is pregnant. But, this may be a false alarm also, as you can miss periods due to various other possible reasons such as emotional disturbance, stress, onset of menopause, etc.

Soft or tender breasts

Breasts turn tenderer immediately when you become pregnant. Some women become conscious of pregnancy when their nipples are more sensitive than it used to be. Breasts may also feel fuller, heavier, or even tingle sometimes.

Morning sickness

This is one of the most common signs of pregnancy. Most women suffer from nausea and some may even vomit during the first trimester of pregnancy.  Morning sickness is actually a misnomer, as the nausea and vomiting may happen all day long. The main reason why these symptoms are referred to as morning sickness is because the symptoms are worst experienced in the morning in most cases.

Frequent urination

This is another strong sign that indicates pregnancy. Women tend to urinate frequently during the first trimester. This is mainly due to the increased pressure exerted on the bladder by the enlarging uterus. This symptom slightly wears off in the middle months, but returns when the baby grows bigger.


               Various Signs Of Pregnancy

General tiredness or fatigue

It is common for women to feel tired every now and then. But, if a woman who is usually energetic under normal circumstances, experiencing prolonged tiredness may be because she is pregnant.

There are a number of other signs of pregnancy, such as mood swings, spotting, weird cravings or aversions, and of course, a positive pregnancy test. The most recognizable sign could be a missed period, but it is best to take a pregnancy test immediately and contact your doctor, when you miss your period.