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Rules For Daily Money Management

Daily Money Manager

           Manager For Daily Cash

Managing finances, taking and keeping account of expenses and incomes, is a real task for many. Such people eventually wish that they had learnt the art of wise spending long back, perhaps in their school days. However, to some this is not a difficulty. They do it effortlessly.

Five golden rules for managing money daily are sketched out here. These can be followed by anyone who wants to be a daily money manager. Otherwise there’s the chance of falling into debt or just be living from paycheck to paycheck every month.

The rules for daily money management

  • Make the first payment to yourself. Allocate a portion of your paycheck to yourself, so that you have reduced money in your checking account to pay out. If the money in your checking account is less, you will restrict your payouts and hence spend less.
  • Make an estimate of your expenses and stick to it. Think twice before you make an additional expenditure on any item. Money once spent is gone and nothing can be done to retrace it.
  • A Check book balance should be maintained so that you know where your expenses are standing. You can also compare your checkbook balance periodically with the bank statements. Your checkbook balance will tell you how much you hold in your account after outstanding payments and checks.
  • Keep a cashbook to know your daily cash expenses and what balance you hold each day. If you take money directly out of the ATM and spend for the expenses then you will not have a record or know where your money has gone. All small amounts add up to a big one, whether it is for food or for other essentials, and over the weeks this can come up to a considerable big amount.
    • Keeping your money in investments like stocks and shares is a good idea - but only 25% of your cash so you are not risking too much - you can find a forex broker and invest wisely


    Wise Spending

                 Manager For Expenses And Incomes.

  • As a golden rule avoid using plastic money. It may be convenient to make payments through your credit cards or debit cards. However, remember that these are all expenses that you make in a rush and you never pay heed to the totals. They just empty your pockets without your knowledge. Your credit card payments always cost you at least 15% to 30% more. Reward credit cards are the worst. They get you to pay for unwanted expenses. The money you save by not paying for such expenses will be more than the reward in the long run.
  • For any person to have sound finances, he should be the daily money manager for himself.


Easier Bill Payment For Senior Citizens

Daily Money Manager

             Daily Money Manager For Bills

Handling money affairs timely may become a problem for some senior citizens as they grow old. They may find it hard to carry on the daily money matters properly.

Money Management by a professional

A senior citizen with funds may not have the disposition to manage funds efficiently. Old age problems may take their attention away. The way out is to get someone to handle the financial affairs for them. A professional daily money manager can be of help for a senior citizen. You can hire from The American Association of daily money manager a qualified professional. He can pay bills, write checks, keep bank accounts and do wise and sensible financial dealings for the senior citizen. A daily money manager cannot be in the position of other professionals. For example, a daily money manager cannot prepare personal accounts for a senior citizen. He can only collect the bills or vouchers for the senior citizen and make the payments required on them.

Home Equity Mortgage

Social Security Measures

            Daily Money Manager For Expenses

When the senior citizen is short of money to pay the utilities but has resources, then the easiest solution for the problem is to get mortgage on the resource. Suppose this is the home owned and occupied by the senior citizen. He can approach the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, through which to take a reverse mortgage. A Home Equity Conversion Mortgage program is given through the Federal Housing Administration. This for people 62 and older, who have a property, and who stay in it while free of federal debt. A small mortgage on the property does not disqualify. It is obligatory to HECM counselor. An eligible senior can make use of this home equity portion, in fixed monthly payments or in a line of credit, as per need.

Meals at Door Step

A national organization Meals on Wheels helps senior citizens with food directly at the senior’s residence or by delivering meals to senior centers. A study by the organization in 2007 has revealed that 6 million seniors have food insecurity of some form and can be in hunger at anytime. Meals are free to seniors who have no money, but those with it are asked to contribute.

The federal government along with the national organizations is keen to help the senior citizens of the country by introducing new social security measures.



Daily Money Manager Training Method

Daily Money Manager

                   money manager for expenses

A daily money manager is a good idea if you want to track expenses and regulate them in the process. Software options are available aplenty, but any of these would make you reliant on it in the long run. If you’re looking to be sufficient at managing your monetary affairs the old fashioned way, here are some things you should take care of.

  • Payments for bills, loans or borrowings have to be segregated and listed so that you know where your money is going. These are necessities, and you have to pay them out. Then record your credit card balances and payments. List expenses on a daily basis and be accurate, so that you know where every dollar’s spent.
  • List all your assets. Your savings account balances, investments, and home equity, and other assets you have like automobile, apartments. Also get your family to track expenditures so that you will be able to view the expenses for the whole household.
  • Try to budget your income and expense. When a substantial part of that has been completed, set apart the balance to pay off debts. Keep a portion aside for emergencies.
  • Pay off the debts on time and improve your credit score. Avoid interest on credit cards and penalties on delayed payments.
  • By now you would have had a clear picture of your money matters. Adopt a cash management plan, including savings in this.
  • Have long term and short term goals. As part of the former, first pay off bills on credit card that have lower balances. Savings for your future vacations, retirement fund, etc can all be assigned as long term goals.
  • Reduce your expenses and spend some on paying off liabilities. Find new ways to reduce spending: have homemade food, take it easy on fuel recharge, etc.
  • Pay cash for expenses instead of credit cards.
    Cash Management Plan

                     money manager for investment

  • Be true to yourself so it’s easier to get a complete picture of home cash management.
  • Have a good savings balance to fund your emergencies like home or asset repair or purchase. When your savings having become huge, make good investments with it to secure your future.

Although a daily money manager brings benefits of its own, the above practices inevitably teach you to maintain sound financial behavior. Your decision making are also starts favoring a financial perspective, and you stay secure money-wise.



Cardinal Rules In Daily Money Management

Daily money manager

     Daily Money Manager to handle cash accounts

Money management is a more difficult job than earning money. Not all people know how to spend and save according to their needs. It is not about earning money but about using it wisely that matters, so that you do not end up in a financial crisis. With a little effort and homework, you too can control your expenses. You can check the following fundamental rules while doing the job of a daily money manager for effective fund management.

How to start daily money management?

  • Make sure that you keep aside a certain sum of money each time you receive your paycheck. This will help you to keep a fixed amount in your account and you will not be running out of money when you need it most.
  • Ensure that you have a clear idea about your spending so that you will find it easy to handle the money. It is obvious that the money spent cannot be recovered easily and hence you need to check the spending thoroughly.
  • It is always wise to maintain a checkbook balance so that you compare the bank balance with the former. The checkbook balance shows the entire transactions after deducting the outstanding payables.
  • Along with the monitoring the checkbook balance, you need to enter your transactions in the cash register as well. It will help you control your expenses and compare it with the expense incurred during a specific period. If there is no monitoring regarding how much money you spend, you may end up in a financial crisis. Maintaining a cash register will allow you to know the current cash balance in your account and you can spend accordingly.
  • You should keep in mind that using credit cards could cost you dear since it will make you spend a little more than down payments. Often credit card offers force you to make large purchases, however if you choose down payments, you will save more than what the credit card offers.

    Money management by daily money                          manger

  • It is important to ensure yourself that you are not going to pay more than what you earn. You need to cut down your unwanted expenses to adjust to your earnings. Keeping a balance between your earnings and spending is fundamental in money management. It will help you to save large sums of money and choose wise investments.

The role of a daily money manager is to strengthen the financial stability. With proper money management, you can cut down your unnecessary expenses and maintain a perfect ratio between earnings and spending.



Be A Successful Money Manager

daily money manager

          Successful daily money manager

Today there are many job opportunities out there in the job market, awaiting students. It’s only a matter of choosing the right one that suits you the best. Most importantly, it must match with your academically acquired skills. In this context, the best option for commerce graduates is to become a successful daily money manager. Furthermore, most of the reputed companies are in the pursuit of employees with a flair for accounting, bookkeeping, e-commerce etc. So obtaining a commerce degree from a renowned university certainly serves the purpose. The following aspects help to get an insight about the job and its prospects.

Points to be noted

Another important factor is that, the skills and knowledge of a money manager is not just restricted to finances. He or she should have a touch of excellence in other areas too. Those cores areas are document collection for tax payment, secured and non-secured credit card handling, reviews of bank statements etc.  Having experience and expertise in these fields is an added advantage. Besides, it helps you to get an edge over other job seekers.

You can become a successful money manager not by just being an employee but being an entrepreneur too. Nowadays it is a lucrative idea to start a daily money management firm. Most of the big corporate companies require the service of reliable and well-established money manager firms. Therefore, you too can be a boss by having proficient money managers working with you. The services you provide must be prompt and always up to the mark.


              Money management firm

You will require a business license to setup up your own business firm. Liability insurance is also a very important requisite since there might be chances for risks involved in the operations. Authentic government certification is necessary and it gives your firm extra credibility. Apart from getting certified by a government body, you can also get certifications from various well known money manager associations.

Thus becoming successful in this area is very much possible. Just keep the above-mentioned facts in your mind. Be it for individuals or establishments, money handling is always an area of serious concern. The skills and integrity of a successful daily money manager matters a lot. You will have to update yourself with all the latest tools and knowledge associated with money management. It’s essential for getting well equipped for the job and handle tasks effectively.



You Too Can Be An Expert Money Manager

Daily money manager

             Becoming a daily money manager

Many people constantly think about best ways to effectively handle and utilize money. Though the thinking part is easy, the real challenge is in making it a reality. However, the good news is that there are many guiding corridors to become a daily money manager. Discipline, dedication, hard work and commitment are the key factors that will help in achieving your goal. A degree in finance will be an added advantage. Furthermore, to be updated and familiar with the latest economic trends and changes is very imperative. The information you need is readily available out there through both print and digital media. The following description will help you to get a brighter picture regarding the job.

Advantages of becoming an expert

Nowadays to become a money manager for a thriving firm is a lucrative profession for many. The best thing is you too can become an expert by applying some proven and successful strategies. As a matter of fact, education is ultimately what makes a man. And in this scenario, an eminent degree in core areas pertaining to marketing, finance, accounting etc proves to be a great backup for your job. Adding to that, being open to criticism and quick adaptability will certainly take you places.

It’s highly recommended that you do your internships with reputed firms. This actually helps to gain and have an experience about the economical facets happening in and out of a company. The knowledge you acquire will get you molded properly to effectively manage your tasks. There is another chance of getting absorbed by the company where you are doing your internships. Again, it depends on your enthusiasm and sheer passion for the job.


                        Handle and utilize money

No matter what profession you pursue, learning the ‘Dos and Don’ts’ is a cardinal rule. It is very essential for survival and competency. Most importantly, this is what you are gaining by doing internships during studies. You get the opportunity to view and analyze situations properly. And by the time you are done, you will be fit for the job.

Becoming a daily money manager is just the icing on the cake. You can achieve a lot more and become really successful in life. There are many great positions with loads of acceptance and appreciation waiting on the way. The journey is challenging and highly rewarding too. It is all about effective management along with optimum utilization of resources. Now get all geared up for an awesome career in life.



Locating Money Management Websites

Daily money manager

      Daily money manager tips

It is easier to spend money than save it. If not dealt with care, money can vanish from your hands in no time. People have long been thinking about various ways to tighten their control over money. There are numerous websites that provide you with daily money manager tips. This post provides a few tips on finding out useful money management websites.

How to save up

You may want to visit a money management website. The most common reason for someone to visit such a site is to find different ways to improve their money management skills. For some people, it is to find an article that deals with money management, while others search for software that help with this. Determine why you want to use a money management website before looking for it in the website.

  • Make different online searches depending on the specialized area of money management. You may end up with viewing a pile of websites with confusing topics if you do an online search in the broad terms of money management. So make sure to include the specialized area of interest in money management while you do the online search.
  • Include the specific functions in your search: Include areas of money management you require such as debt calculation, credit calculation, figuring out the statistics etc. Many sites provide options to enter the input calculation data and figure out the solution for you.
  • Locate a central portal website of money management. With the help of a central portal website, you will be exposed to hundreds of websites each one specializing in different topics of money management.
  • There are software that you can purchase after paying a certain amount of money. However, it is much cheaper than paying an accountant to assist you with managing your money for different things. Most of the software applications are downloadable from the websites while some can be attained by post. 
    Managing your money

                Money manager applications

  • Alternatively, look for free software on the web. Some software developers provide trial versions of money management software for a stipulated period of time. You can either use them for a limited period of time, and then another free software or purchase any software that suites your demand and affordability.

It is very important to have personal money as we can’t know when we require a large amount of money for many of the unexpected reasons. Daily money manager software applications, or sites that articles catalogued under on this subject would suffice to teach you money management.



To Start Your Career As A Money Manager

daily money manager

          hire a daily money manager

If you are strong in mathematics and finance, becoming a money manager may be a good career choice for you. A daily money manager is someone who can help people with their finances, accounts, taxes, etc. This involves sufficient skill and patience and you should be knowledgeable in various State and Federal tax laws and other procedures.

What are the functions of a money manager?

People suffering from mental illness or disability and the old generally require some help with their daily financial transactions, billings, documentations etc. Others like those who tend to travel a lot require the services of a money manager to handle their financial accounts and bills efficiently. Even normal professionals who find it difficult to rein in their spending or manage their debts hire the services of a money manager.

  • As a money manager, you will be helping  your clients with financial management and investment planning.
  • The money manager should do all the financial work like organizing all the invoices and bills, making prompt payments like deposits and withdrawals on their client’s behalf and obtain the necessary receipts and signatures for documentation purposes.
  • You may also have to manage your client’s bank, mutual fund and stock market accounts. In addition, you need to perform periodic audits and generate the necessary financial reports.
  • Help your client plan his taxes and insurance schemes and file his annual IRS tax returns.

How can you become a Money Manager?

You should have the necessary educational qualifications in fields related to finance, economics, taxation, etc to start working as a money manager.

  • You need to clear the Certified Financial Analyst Examination or the Certificate in Investment Performance Measurement Examination to get a job as a money manager in any of the reputed Daily Money Management firms. There are other similar certificate programs offered by the CFA Institute.
    financial transactions

                   more on daily money manager

  • You can begin your career as a daily money manager after gaining enough experience in a finance related job. You can join as an intern in any of the money management firms and slowly work your way to the top. Look for a part-time job while preparing for your qualifying exam.
  • Look for an entry-level finance job in big business houses, credit card companies, banks and other financial institutions. Once you have cleared the various certificate programs of the CFA Institute, ask for an opportunity to work as a money manager.

Once you have the qualifications and the necessary on-the-job experience, you can even start working as a self-employed money manager. Help your client manage his finances and make some smart investment decisions.



Easy Methods For Saving Money

money manager options

About money manager options

Dealing with money should be done with utmost care. One should know how and where his money is being spent, if he ever hopes to save up. As there are numerous ways to spend your money, there are numerous ways to save it too. In this article, you can find some of the best daily money manager tips.


Everyday savings

  • People spend money on various things every day, such as services, groceries, utilities and other expenses. If you are a regular customer of a particular service or buyer at a grocery shop, ask if they have any discount plans for their regular customers. Some of the shops have loyalty discount plans which give you discounts or even free products while purchasing a certain number of goods.
  • Make your purchase in bulk quantity to save both money and time.
  •  Some of the bazaars hold weekly discount day. Check in the newspaper to find details of any such offers.
  • Avoid dining out often to save a lot of money. Many of the people are spending a large sum of their money dining out. Find time to cook food for yourself. On weekends, you can cook food in large quantities, and keep it in your refrigerator for the week. This will help you have your food inside.
  • Use public transport facilities more, unless you are going out with your entire family.
  • Before you go out for purchasing something, ask twice if it is really needed for now. Many of the things we buy while going shopping are actually out of the urge to buy them at first sight.
    methods of daily money manager

    Uses of daily money manager

Online Shopping

Many people consider online shopping as one of the best ways to shop, because of the money saving factor involved in it. While online shopping, you are exposed to a great number of commodities which you can compare on the basis of their prices, as well as the company that manufactures them. Most of the online shopping sites provide schemes like cash on delivery, or payment using credit or debit cards. Choose your favorite products on the shopping cart, and then wait for a week to decide upon whether you really want them or not. You will be alerted by the company about the availability of the stock.

Complying with the above listed daily money manager tips; you can definitely save a few dollars. Begin with short term money saving plans that you can accomplish without fault, which will encourage you to go for long term money saving plans.



Starting A Daily Money Management Business

Daily Money manager

Daily Money manager

A daily money manager is a financial professional, who manages the financial activities of clients. Daily money management persons help individuals handle their financial activities, from simple bill payments to complex activities like filing medical claims. They can serve elderly citizens, medical patients, as well as busy professionals & clients, who feel it difficult to manage their day-to-day financial activities. The tasks performed by a money manager include payment of bills, preparing checks, bank deposits & reconciling bank accounts, withdrawing cash from accounts, managing tax documents, & medical insurance claims, tracking investments, and negotiating with creditors.

How to start a daily money management business

The services offered by a daily money manager are paid in return with around $30 to $100 for an hour. To jump in money management business, you just have to obtain a degree in accounting or personal finance field. But sometimes clients may be attracted to persons with a higher qualification and experience. Thus, gaining some experience in the sector is an added advantage.

To start your own business in daily money management, it is recommended to join the American Association of Daily Money Managers. AADMM is an organization that provides certification, specialized insurance, and many other benefits to its members. The certification from AADMM can add credibility to your business, and improve the confidence of clients in your services.

AADMM charges a small membership fee annually, but the certification will bring more clients to you proving that you are a professional, who follows strict industry standards. Further protect your business from costly liabilities by availing errors and omissions insurance. This will help to reduce the costs of your client if you make any mistakes in calculations.

Daily money management business

American Association of Daily Money Managers

Market your financial services to the public. You can place ads in local newspapers, or opt for building a website for your business. Daily money management trends are flourishing in the country, and an eye-catching ad with the services that you offer can help bring more clients to you. Highlighting the help for the elderly, by managing their each and every financial activity, can work out too.

Offering a free consultation service to your clients and helping them determine if daily money management is the right option for them can be another avenue that one can pursue. One can receive such assistance from the American Association of Daily Money Managers, or the American Association of Retired Persons.