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Early Signs Of Pregnancy

Pregnancy Symptoms

                       Early Pregnancy Symptoms

Pregnancy is the most surreal moment in a woman’s life. Some women have inkling that they are pregnant soon after conception. At the same time, there are many others, who remain unaware of any changes for weeks, and only realize that they are expecting when they miss their period. So, let us discuss some of the common pregnancy symptoms you may experience after conception, so that you can become conscious of your pregnancy soon.


It is quite common early on in pregnancy for women to experience spotting at the time when they should usually have their period. Interestingly, experts are not sure why spotting happens in very early pregnancy. But, there are certain theories which attribute it to the egg implanting in the uterus and hormones that control the menstrual cycle.

Tender breasts and tingling nipples

Pregnancy hormones tend to increase the blood supply to the breasts, and thus, you may feel a prickling and tingling sensation around your nipples. This is considered one of the very first signs of pregnancy, as it is usually noticed within a week after conceiving.


Even when there are no strenuous tasks, some women feel tired all the time. This means that your body is cranking up to support the fetus growing inside you, right from the first stages after conceiving. This happens as when the body hormones run chaos, it makes your feel upset, tired, and emotional.

Mood swings

This is one of the most common pregnancy symptoms experienced by women, even for weeks after conception. This is also attributed to the increase in the hormonal activity in your body.

Frequent Urination

You may notice this symptom about six weeks after conception. This can be due to a combination of reasons such as increased hormonal activity, a larger volume of blood in your system, and also due to the fact that your kidneys work a bit extra. If you experience pain or a burning sensation when you urinate, then it may also be because of Urinary Tract Infection.

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Missed period

When your period does not start on time, which is usually regular, then it is better to consult a gynecologist. Actually, a missed period is one of surest pregnancy symptoms. However, at the same time, if you have irregular menstrual period, it is better to look for other signs of pregnancy before taking the pregnancy test. Home pregnancy tests can produce the most reliable result if you wait at least the first day of a missed period.

These are some of the most common pregnancy symptoms, which help you realize of your condition. Nevertheless, you can anyway consult your doctor to discuss the symptoms you are experiencing and clear your doubts.

Initial Pregnancy Symptoms

Symptoms of pregnancy

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Pregnancy is one of the most magical and overwhelming experiences in the life of a woman. There are very few things that can be compared with that experience. Some women recognize the presence of another being about to grow inside them as early as the first week after ovulation. Though, it is in the pretty early stages of pregnancy, many women can identify some of the specific symptoms of pregnancy. But, not all women respond to pregnancy the same way, because no two women are identical in every respect. But, there are some common symptoms of pregnancy manifested in women. Here are some of them in brief:

Missing period:

This is probably the most common signs of pregnancy. Most women identify a missing period as the first real sign of pregnancy. Now, there are many other possible reasons why women miss their period. It is best to take a pregnancy test to confirm your assumption.

Morning sickness:

Morning sickness in pregnant women refers to nausea and vomiting experienced as early signs of pregnancy. Actually speaking, morning sickness is a misnomer. These symptoms are not only seen in the morning. You can feel nauseated and feel like vomiting, throughout the day. The main reason it is referred to as morning sickness is because the degree of these symptoms is more during the morning. It can manifest in extreme or mild forms. Women experiencing these symptoms tend to drink a lot of water regularly due to dehydration.

General feeling of weakness or fatigue:

first trimester of pregnancy

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There is a general sense of exhaustion or fatigue experienced as one of the most common signs of pregnancy in women, after the first week of ovulation. Fatigue increases and is generally more pronounced during the first trimester of pregnancy. This is mainly because the women’s bodies produce extra blood, which is utilized to provide oxygen and nutrients required for the developing fetus.

Soft/tender breasts:

This again is one of the early symptoms of pregnancy that can be experienced and visibly seen the first week after ovulation. The breasts tend to become swollen and tender. Apart from swelling, the breasts also become sensitive to touch because of the increased blood flow and expansion of the breast tissue to incorporate the milk ducts that are being newly formed.

Early Pregnancy Symptom Indicators

Pregnancy symptoms

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Childbirth is probably the most miraculous moment in a human life. You cannot stop wondering how nature has planned such a meticulous and intricately detailed process for us. Your little angel’s journey from conception to childbirth is something extremely amazing. The first and initial thing is obviously to make sure that you have accurately recognized the early pregnancy symptoms.

You need to monitor your body carefully for recognizing early pregnancy symptoms. There are many changes happening in the body, both internally as well as externally some of the changes are:

  • Nausea: Generally, if you are pregnant, you may experience frequent morning sicknesses or vomiting. Most women mistake it for food poisoning or stomach disorder.
  • Heartburn: You may feel heartburn, acidity and indigestion that are also some early pregnancy signs.
  • Heightened sense of smell and taste: Many women become hypersensitive to the taste and smell of common food items. Those items can cause nausea.
  • Fainting and Dizziness: This hypersensitivity to smells, taste and nausea makes many women avoid food and skip meals. This invariably causes low blood sugar level and dizzy spells or fainting.
  • Constipation: You may even suffer from frequent constipation due to lack of proper diet and slow metabolism during pregnancy.
  • Frequent Urination: As early as the first week of pregnancy, you tend to urinate frequently due to the increasing pressure of growing uterus on the urinary bladder.
  • General tiredness: You may be exhausted and tired. This is a common symptom of pregnancy in first trimester.
  • Tender breasts and enlarged nipples: This is a natural process and you need not worry. What is happening here is, as the body prepares itself for breastfeeding, the nipples enlarge and also the breasts become tender, swollen and sore to touch during early stages of pregnancy.
  • Light bleeding: Light bleeding or spotting may be experienced by women for 8-10 days after ovulation. This usually coincides the date of the next due period.

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  • Missing Period: This probably can be considered one of the classic pregnancy symptoms. There can be low back pain or cramping experienced by some women just before the arrival of the periods, without experiencing signs of bleeding.
  • Change in complexion: Due to raging hormones, there can be skin spotting, acne or other complexion changes in the first trimester of the pregnancy.

Some women start losing weight during early pregnancy due to food fetishes. It is advisable to eat healthy foods at frequent intervals for maintaining the nutrient level in the body.