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Get To Know About The Three Trimesters In Pregnancy


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Pregnancy is a considered as the most important phase in a woman’s life. It not only involves physical changes, but it also includes emotional transformation. Although it is more than the concept of three trimesters as it is always said, basically it involves preparation for the transformation of woman into mother. The woman needs to take care of many things in these trimesters. These essential things are as follows. The First Trimester:

  • The first trimester of pregnancy week by week, covered from week 1 to week 14. Usually, the first 2 weeks of the first trimester denote the period from your last menses until conception, or until that time when the sperm fertilizes the egg.
  • By the end of week 3, the fertilized egg evolves into an embryo. During week 4, you begin to feel the early pregnancy symptom of nausea. The Week 5 marks the beginning of formation of all major organs of the baby’s body. This is usually considered as the week when the embryo’s metamorphosis into a baby begins.
  • In the next week I.e. week 6, your baby’s heart beats for the first time. Your baby doubles in size during week 7 and by week 9, the baby’s sex can be determined, and your embryo becomes a small baby by week 10.
  • The week 14 shows another sign i.e. enlarging and darkening of the area around your nipples.

The Second Trimester

  • The second trimester starts from week 15 to week 26. It is said that in the beginning of this trimester i.e. week 15, the baby begins movement of the head, lips, and feet. Due to the upward movement of uterus, the symptom of frequent urination would subside by week 16.
  • It is said that the baby begins to blink, suck, and swallow by week 17. Due to myelinization of nerves, nerve cell transmission registers a significant increase, making the body reflexes quicker. During week 20, the baby begins to sleep and wake on a regular basis. As mentioned earlier, the woman goes through physical as well emotional transformations during this phase.


                         Pregnancy issues

  • The baby’s heartbeat becomes clear by week 24, so that it can be heard by placing an ear on stomach. Before the second trimester ends, brain wave activity starts for the ears and eyes.

The Third Trimester:

  • The third trimester as per pregnancy week by week starts with week 27 and ends with the birth of baby.
  • Most of the babies are born around this period. By this week, look out for any signs of labor. In any case, your baby is born by the end of week 40. However, this period may also extend by two more weeks in some cases.

Hence, every pregnant woman undergoes these three trimesters or phases while expecting a baby. Always make sure to consult the physician at regular intervals, to know about the condition of the baby.