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Stretchy Magic Is A Scam

Stretchy Magic

     Stretchy Magic lids swindle

Container lids are often needed to store and carry foods. There is nothing as convenient as silica material lids for storing food. However, before you purchase the Stretchy Magic container lids, think twice! Read on to find how it spoils your plans in the kitchen.

Even though it is claimed to be used as a container lid for storing food articles, you may find it difficult to stretch the silicon based lids. It requires you to apply some pressure to get it stretched to the desired size. Likewise, it is difficult to remove the lids from the containers. There is no guarantee that food remains safe for a long period.

It never returns to the original size once stretched and used. Moreover, it comes with supporting projections through its sides that are a real annoyance. The storage becomes more difficult as it eats up your space. Imagine the plight of storing food with these lids while refrigerating. You cannot use the limited space in the refrigerator. Moreover, the projections can get stuck anywhere and make the container fall easily. Due to this limitation, you cannot cover glass containers with Stretchy Magic lids.

Stretchy magic container lids

             Stretchy magic scam

The product never helps the space constraint difficulties in your kitchen. In fact, silica container lids are chosen to cope with the space constraints. Furthermore, it rips easily when it is stretched. There is nothing said about the quality of the material used in the making of the Stretchy Magic. Stretchy Magic does not last for a long period. Since it loses the grip easily, it is not tested well on certain bowls. There is nothing mentioned about the lid regarding its heat resistant capacities.

The customer enquiry response is so poor that you cannot even get the follow up regarding the delivery and shipping of the product. It is complained that sometimes the product is delivered only after a 10-week period.