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Replacing A Toilet Handle And Chain

toilet replacement

       How Toilet Replacement Is Done

While you flush the toilet, if you notice that water is not pumped out, know that you require an immediate toilet replacement with regard to the handle and chain. The chain connects the toilet handle to the toilet flapper. You could get your toilet handle and chain replaced with a new set. It is available in almost all hardware supply stores. All you have to do is to buy a toilet handle and chain with the right measurements.

You can adopt the following toilet replacement steps to ensure the proper working of the toilet faucet. Remove the old toilet handle and chain and replace the same with a new one to make your flush work.

Essential Steps

  • Turn off the water supply valve to the toilet tank. You can see the shut off valve behind the toilet bowl. Remove the lid from the toilet tank. Make sure that it is safely placed.
  • You need to pull the chain attached to the flapper. In case the chain is broken, you need to pull the flapper using your fingertips so that you could flush the toilet.
  • You need to unscrew the retaining nut that attaches the toilet handle to the toilet. Use an adjustable wrench to unscrew the nut. You need to lift the handle away from the toilet tank to lift the chain from the tank.
  • Make sure that you purchase a handle of the same length as the old one. You could also get the toilet replacement chains of the same length.
  • Attach the threaded part of the toilet handle by the side of the toilet tank.  Screw the retaining nut to the toilet handle, with an adjustable wrench.
  •  You need to attach the end of the chin to the flapper.  You can see a metal ring that allows you to slide the chain. While doing so, hold the other end of the chain through the handle.

    Toilet faucet

                        Procedures For Toilet Replacement

  • Now, clip the toilet handle ring toward the nearest link in the chain. You can put the chain clip into the handle slot. Open the valve on and allow the tank to get filled. Now, to make sure that the new replacements work, flush the toilet. Check if the handle works. Push down the toilet handle and check if it can be moved freely. You can adjust handle-retaining nut accordingly. Once it is done, close the water tank with the lid.

Toilet handle and chain can be replaced easily once you have new ones with the correct measurements. While purchasing, you need to take the old attachments with you so that the measurement will not go wrong.