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Familiarize Yourself With The Sports Played In Florida Colleges

USA Today College Rankings

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With the implementation of successful athletics programs, Florida colleges emphasize the significance of sports along with academics. The University of Florida sports team, known by the nickname Florida Gators, participates in the National Collegiate Athletic Association Division, in addition to the South Eastern conference. If you glance through the USA Today College rankings, University of Florida holds a prestigious and commendable position, with Gators winning 256 individual national athletic championships.

A century long athletic history keeps Florida colleges in the top place. The University of Florida’s varsity sports team was successful in claiming thirty-one national championships, of which 26 titles come from the National Collegiate Athletic Association Tournaments. USA Today College rankings provide testimony to their achievements.

Individual sports programs

Florida colleges encourage both team sports as well as individual events. Most colleges in Florida support individual sports, the most common being tennis, diving, swimming and golf. Most of the programs are intended to produce best-rated athletes to uphold the country’s athletic tradition. University of Florida is ranked number three in the National Collegiate Athletic Association track and field rankings, while Florida State University is ranked next to the best.

Women’s sports

Florida Women’s college teams focus on three big sports of volleyball, basketball and softball. The most remarkable achievement was that of the softball team, when they made their entry into the Women’s College World Series in 2011.

During the same year, Florida state university Women’s basketball team, along with the University of Miami, was successful in participating in National Collegiate Athletic Association Tournament.

Men’s sports

Commendable Position

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Like women’s sports team, men’s sports team has accomplished players in the fields of baseball, basketball and football. The Florida Gators baseball team advanced into the College World Series final and the basketball team into the Elite eight, during the 2011 National Collegiate Athletic Association Tournament. As a token of their achievements, during 2010 USA Today College rankings, the Florida State football team was ranked in the top 20.

Intramural athletics

Florida colleges are also known for the sport and athletics activities within the campus. These are conducted under the initiative of students from the community colleges. Many colleges and schools are engaged in nurturing the sports ambitions of students, especially in the field of team sports like volleyball, basketball and baseball. These colleges are often not allowed to participate in the National Collegiate Athletic Association tournaments. Intramural athletics kindles athletic ambitions in sports aspirants.