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Know More About The Top Veterinary Schools In USA

Veterinary Colleges In USA

      Top Colleges In USA

For a list of the top universities in the country for any course that you would like to pursue, it is best that you refer the U.S. News and World Reports college rankings. If it is veterinary science that you want to pursue, the best veterinary colleges in USA are mentioned below, based on the rankings given to them in the US News and World Reports.

Top veterinary colleges in USA

  • Cornell University stands in Ithaca, New York and houses the Baker Institute for Animal Health that is among the oldest veterinary research centers in the US. By means of its veterinary medicine program, Cornell University attempts to make advancements in both human and animal health. The courses offered here include gene therapy, comparative medicine and human health. Students are required to pursue courses in various affiliated departments that include molecular medicine, biomedical sciences, diagnostic sciences as well as population medicine.
  • Colorado State University rests mightily in Fort Collins. The department of biomedical sciences offers the veterinary science program. Veterinary students can opt for various degree options. For instance, students can pursue a joint degree along with Masters of business administration, Master’s degree in public health or even a doctorate in a related field.
  • The inception of the veterinary medicine school at UC Davis took place in 1948 and the school happens to be the only one that follows the University of California system. Offered in this school, is a Master’s of science or doctorate degrees in 17 academic fields. The hospital residency program lets you pursue training in 32 different specializations. Students can make their contributions to 25 research centers, which the school chooses to maintain. SeaDoc Society is included in the research center that lays emphasis on the health of marine wildlife, the Wildlife Health Center and the Diary Food Safety Laboratory.
  • The University of Pennsylvania has a lot to offer to veterinary science aspirants. Apart from their studies in biochemistry, anatomy, physiology and pharmacology, students have the opportunity to work in the Matthew J. Ryan Veterinary hospital that offers services to 31,000 small animals annually.

    Cornell University

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  • One of the oldest veterinary science programs in the country is offered by Texas A&M University. Students can pursue a four-year long course here. That comprises of three years of course work and clinical work for a year. Students will have to volunteer in the Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital that houses small animals, large animals and exotic animals.

Those were some of the best veterinary colleges in USA. A degree from here will be your key to a promising career in the field.