Tips To Care For Your Pet Gerbil

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              Taking care of cool pets

Many kids aspire to have cool pets as their companions at a certain age. However, the responsibility of choosing the ideal pet for their kids often falls on the shoulders of the parents. You can do that task taking in to account the peculiarities of the character of your child. Parents who know their children well can easily select cool pets that are right for their kids.

Gerbil as pets

This pet animal is the choice of many parents owing to many factors such as its lifetime, ease of care etc. Those who have a pet gerbil to care for might be looking for some good tips to care for the animal. The tips are not easy to come by from friends or neighbors since cool pets like Gerbils are not found in many households.

Gerbils are neither nocturnal nor diurnal pets. They have a number of sleep/wake cycles in a day. These cute animals are cleaner compared to many other pets of their size. They consume less food and hence produce less waste. They also do not drink much water and have a bearable smell!

The average life span of a Gerbil is three years. This makes the animal an ideal pet for small kids. For those looking for caring tips for Gerbils, here are some.

Basic essentials

Like any other pet animals, Gerbils also have some general requirements as given below.

The cage

The cage should be spacious and clean. The average size of a cage holding one Gerbil should not be less than 5 gallons. Since these animals prefer living in pairs, it would be ideal to have a cage that is larger than 10 gallons. A glass aquarium with a mesh lid would be a suitable choice for a Gerbil cage. Since Gerbils are clean animals, make sure that you clean their cages at least once in every two weeks.

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       Tips to take care of cool pets

Food and water

Even though Gerbils do not drink as much water as other pets do, it is important to make sure that they have access to clean drinking water at all times. When it comes to food, it is advisable to get the Gerbil food from pet shops and feed them with that since such food will have balanced content of nutrients. Take care not to over feed your pet Gerbil.


You can keep an exercise wheel in the Gerbil’s cage to help it get adequate exercise. You can also let them out of the cage and encourage them to run around for some time. This will help keep them fit.

Gerbils can be cool pets if you take good care of them. Use the tips given here to keep your pet Gerbil healthy and happy!