What Needs To Be Done When It Takes Long For Your Computer To Connect To The Internet

Internet Slow Today

                                     Slow Internet

The fact that your computer takes long to connect to the Internet can be attributed to various reasons. This problem has been divided into two categories: your computer connects very slowly to the Internet, but once connected, it is possible for you to surf at a normal speed. Either that or your computer is slow to connect as well as slow when it comes to surfing. Read on to know more about Internet slow today problems.

Customers have complained that they have had to wait for over 5 minutes to connect to the Internet. Moreover, to check his/her email in Outlook Express also proved to be a very slow process. Still, when everything was plugged in by the technician, the system seemed to work just fine. The technicians managed to connect to the Internet within a matter of seconds and were able to surf the web at speeds that are reasonably high.

The implication seemed to be that the phone line was faulty. Chances are high that computers will perform faster on the Internet if the line that connects the main phone socket to the computer is quite short. Should your home be away from the telephone exchange, things might go from bad to worse.

Some people prefer to position their computer the way they like and so it need not always be close to the phone socket. In cases like these, it is best that you have your computer on an extension. You are advised to use a Speed touch Broadband Modem. This is because an ‘Extended Reach’ driver package is listed on the website. This is designed in such a manner that the internet connection on extension lines is improved. This has the effect of boosting the signal.

Outlook Express

                                    Slow Computer

Should your Modem be provided with an installation disc, you need to pop it back in and you will see an option that says ‘Updating Drivers’ or ‘Check for new software.’ You are well advised to update the drivers every now and then.

Another option for you to tackle Internet slow today problems is to go wireless. Pick the fastest Wireless combined Router and Modem which is affordable for you. You can connect the plug directly to the phone socket. After that, a USB receiver needs to be plugged into each one of the computers, should you have more than one.

For more help when it comes to tackling Internet slow today problems, you may contact the Internet service provider or access the help of a technician.

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