Early Signs Of Pregnancy

Pregnancy Symptoms

                       Early Pregnancy Symptoms

Pregnancy is the most surreal moment in a woman’s life. Some women have inkling that they are pregnant soon after conception. At the same time, there are many others, who remain unaware of any changes for weeks, and only realize that they are expecting when they miss their period. So, let us discuss some of the common pregnancy symptoms you may experience after conception, so that you can become conscious of your pregnancy soon.


It is quite common early on in pregnancy for women to experience spotting at the time when they should usually have their period. Interestingly, experts are not sure why spotting happens in very early pregnancy. But, there are certain theories which attribute it to the egg implanting in the uterus and hormones that control the menstrual cycle.

Tender breasts and tingling nipples

Pregnancy hormones tend to increase the blood supply to the breasts, and thus, you may feel a prickling and tingling sensation around your nipples. This is considered one of the very first signs of pregnancy, as it is usually noticed within a week after conceiving.


Even when there are no strenuous tasks, some women feel tired all the time. This means that your body is cranking up to support the fetus growing inside you, right from the first stages after conceiving. This happens as when the body hormones run chaos, it makes your feel upset, tired, and emotional.

Mood swings

This is one of the most common pregnancy symptoms experienced by women, even for weeks after conception. This is also attributed to the increase in the hormonal activity in your body.

Frequent Urination

You may notice this symptom about six weeks after conception. This can be due to a combination of reasons such as increased hormonal activity, a larger volume of blood in your system, and also due to the fact that your kidneys work a bit extra. If you experience pain or a burning sensation when you urinate, then it may also be because of Urinary Tract Infection.

Experience After Conception

                    List Of Pregnancy Symptoms

Missed period

When your period does not start on time, which is usually regular, then it is better to consult a gynecologist. Actually, a missed period is one of surest pregnancy symptoms. However, at the same time, if you have irregular menstrual period, it is better to look for other signs of pregnancy before taking the pregnancy test. Home pregnancy tests can produce the most reliable result if you wait at least the first day of a missed period.

These are some of the most common pregnancy symptoms, which help you realize of your condition. Nevertheless, you can anyway consult your doctor to discuss the symptoms you are experiencing and clear your doubts.

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