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Signs of pregnancy

                      Pregnancy week by week

How will you find out that you are pregnant and identify the symptoms? Early morning giddiness and hesitation to start work, heaviness in the head – are these symptoms enough to confirm it. This uneasiness can be due to strain and stress in your routine work. However, if you have engaged in sex in the past few weeks, then you may have to doubt that your present state of health might be due to pregnancy. Sure enough, the discomforts might just be the first signs of pregnancy.

But these symptoms of pregnancy are not full proof that you are pregnant. Together with these, other symptoms that are more concrete may confirm that you are pregnant. It varies from women to women, if you take the signs of pregnancy and their intensity. If with the other symptoms of pregnancy you have the suspicion that you have conceived then you can make sure that you are pregnant with a test.

The symptoms that confirm pregnancy

Missed menstrual periods – where in your case, you never had late periods then it – is a sure sign of pregnancy.  Further signs that follow may confirm this.

Early morning symptoms of giddiness and hesitation to start work is another of the symptoms that most of the women face in the first trimester.  For some women this symptom may not be confined to the early trimester but might face it throughout the pregnancy period.

Vomiting and loss of appetite can be another sign of pregnancy. This starts almost within the first week of conception and may continue even up to 4 months. Smell of some food items might trigger nausea in some women.

Spotting is one of the   early signs of pregnancy, which is caused due to implantation of the embryo in the uterine walls. This occurs from the eighth day after the conception.

clinical test

                               Pregnancy trimester

Sore breasts are another one of the signs of pregnancy commonly seen in women.  From the first or the second week you may feel tenderness and swelling in the breasts. They become sensitive and painful. This is due to hormonal changes.

Backaches and body aches are also very common and this can be attributed to the change in the level of hormones.

Mood swings and stress can be experienced in the early stages of pregnancy. Bathroom visits would be very frequent due to the production of HCG hormone.

These symptoms of pregnancy are enough to make sure that you are pregnant but confirm it by a clinical test.

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