How to take a 10 day holiday this Easter with just four days leave

Family in the garden at Easter

IF you’re in need of a break but don’t have a lot of annual leave left there’s a cheeky way you can get 10 days off in a row over Easter with just four day’s leave.

First of all, if you’re lucky enough to get the bank holidays off work, then there are two coming up that you need to know about.

There’s a way to get 10 days off work with just four day’s annual leave

There’s a bank holiday on Good Friday – April 19 – and another one on Easter Monday – April 22.

So that’s four days off without having to do anything at all.

But if you then take the four days leading up to Easter off work too – April 15, 16, 17 and 18 – it also means you get the weekend before tagged on – April 13 and 14.

In total, tot up all those days and that’s 10 in a row for just four day’s worth of annual leave.

Family in the garden at Easter

How to double your holiday in 2019

WITH a bit of planning you can double your holiday. Here’s how it works:

  • Easter 2019 – Take 8 days off for a 16-day holiday

 Book off: 15th – 18th April & 23rd – 26th April

 Bank holidays: 19th & 22nd April

 Your holiday: 13th – 28th April

  • Early May bank holiday – Take 4 days off for a 9-day holiday

Book off: 7th – 10th May

Bank holidays: 6th May

Your holiday: 4th – 12th May

  • Late May bank holiday – Take 4 days off for a 9-day holiday

 Book off: 28th – 31st May

 Bank holidays: 27th May

 Your holiday: 25th May – 2nd June

  • August bank holiday  – Take 4 days off for a 9-day holiday

 Book off: 27th – 30th August

 Bank holidays: 26th August

 Your holiday: 24th August – 1st September

  • Christmas 2019 Take 5 days off for a 12-day holiday 

 Book off: 23rd, 24th, 27th, 30th & 31st December

 Bank holidays: 25th, 26th December & 1st January

 Your holiday: 21st December – 1st January

And you can extend this further by taking off the four days following Easter Monday too – April 23, 24, 25, and 26.

As you then get a weekend after this – April 27 and 28 – it’s a whopping 16 days off work for just eight day’s worth of annual leave.

Happy Easter indeed – and it gives you plenty of extra time to demolish all of those chocolate Easter eggs that will hopefully be hopping your way soon.

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When are the Bank Holiday Dates in 2019?

HERE is the full list of 2019 bank holidays below:

1 January – New Year’s Day

19 April – Good Friday

22 April – Easter Monday

6 May – May Day

27 May – Spring bank holiday

26 August – Summer bank holiday

25 December – Christmas Day

26 December Boxing Day


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